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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at noon.
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>> good afternoon. in new york at the united nations today, president obama condemned anti-american rioting in the muslim world but called for a deeper look into the causes. >> president obama aimed his united nations speech first at u.s. voters to reassure them that he is handling the twin middle east crises. two weeks are not simply an assault on america. >> crisis one was the attack in libya that caused what -- cost four u.s. lives and the anti american riots throughout the middle east. president obama urged understanding. >> if we are serious about these ideas, we must speak honestly about the deeper causes of the crisis. >> also in new york, mitt romney said a big cause is not enough
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jobs in muslim nations. he promised aid to promote private industry. >> nothing we can do as a nation will make a more permanent change than sharing the insight that lies at the foundation of america's own economy. >> crisis number two is iran. mahmoud ahmadinejad yesterday called for the elimination of israel. >> make no mistake, a nuclear iran is not a challenge that can be contained. >> the prime minister of israel is publicly pushing obama to threaten force. he did not. >> we want to solve this through diplomacy. we still believe there is time to do so, but tthat time is not unlimited. >> standing up for israel, but standing up to benjamin netanyahu. at the united nations in new
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york, i am steve handlesman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore detectives are trying to solve a new pair of homicides. officers say 45-year-old anthony kaiser was sitting on the back steps of his house when there was a popping sound outside of his privacy gate. he was taken to johns hopkins with gunshot wounds but died soon after. then after 1:00 this morning, officers found another victim inside a dodge caravan. he was pronounced dead at the scene. we are learning more about the shooting in west baltimore we first brought you on monday. an officer was forced to shoot a robbery suspect after a violent confrontation. two officers were called to the 4200 block of potter street where they found a man who matched the description of a suspected robber. when officers tried to question
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the man, things spiraled out of control. >> the suspect engaged one of the officers. they got into a physical altercation. he pulled out a weapon. the backup officers saw the suspect withdraw a weapon. he withdrew his service revolver and fired one shot. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital with a bullet wound in his stomach. we're told the a two weapons on his person at the time. the officer involved in the shooting is on routine administrative leave. police tried to question 22-roll joseph lopez after receiving reports of a suspicious person in the area. police say the texas man became combative and reached for one officer's gun. a second officer tried to subdue him with pepper spray but when that did not work, they say he was forced to open fire.
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the victim died at the scene. the officer involved is an 11- year veteran of the force and has not been involved in any previous police involved shootings. the active police commissioner is taking active medical leave -- is taking indefinite medical leave. anthony barksdale will be on leave in definite need. -- indefinitely. he is expected to return after his recovery but did not give a reason for his leave. anthony batts has assumed the post. >> we have another beautiful forecast on our hands for right now. it is shaping up to be a nice day after a chilly start. 70 degrees at bwi marshall. humidity around 44%.
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wind's coming in out of the southwest right now. we expected temperatures to get into the mid-70's later this afternoon. we will notice a high cloud increase later this afternoon and into the evening hours. while we will stay dry today, we may have rain chances tomorrow. more details coming up. stay tuned. >> the orioles battling a tough schedule as they continue their post-season push. they are in a split in the double header against toronto monday night. steve johnson pitched five shutout innings for the orioles and jim johnson got his safe. toronto got too many runs though and the blue jays won the second match of nine-five. the orioles still hold home field advantage in the wild card game over oakland. remember, only the top two teams in the wild-card race make the
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post-season. still ahead, a colorado corrections officer loses her life in the line of duty. what led to the attack of two officers at the colorado department of corrections? plus, an inmate exonerated in california. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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>> covering the nation, a colorado corrections officer has died in a line of duty. two female officers were attacked in the kitchen of the facility monday morning during breakfast preparations. one died of injuries. the other remains in hospital with serious injuries. a prison inmate has been arrested in connection with the assault. the prison remains under lockdown while the investigation continues. the prison houses about 1000 male medium-security prisoners. a former los angeles gang member in prison for 19 years for a murder he did not commit is a free man. john edward smith was released monday after a witness to the crime recanted his story. in 1993, he was convicted of murder and attempted murder in a drive-by shooting. he has always maintained he was at his grandmother's house when
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the shooting occurred. on monday evening, he left the president headed to the home of his now sick grandmother. a 12-year-old dolphin has given birth to her first half and the rare moment was captured on camera. this was taken at an hawaii resort. trainees were in the water and she brought her new edition into the world after less than an hour of labor. the calf is in good health. officials will monitor the baby around the clock as the verse of verdi days of life are critical if gulf and calves are to survive. still to come, -- if dolphin calves are to survive. >> warm air is pushing toward the south and migrating geese. that means a storm is moving this way. we will talk about it in the
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seven-day forecast when we come back.
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quakes in consumer alert, a peanut butter recall at trader joe's due to salmonella. additional products may be linked to the outbreak. the manufacturer of valencia creamy unsalted peanuts butter has recalled two more products. look out for valencia peanut butter with roasted flaxseed, crunchy and salted, and all mint butter with roasted flaxseed, crunchy and salted. officials say it is not known if
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these products are sold in maryland. to see the complete list of products, visit our web site, >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> it is a beautiful day. after a chilly start, we are warning that nicely. temperatures near 70 degrees in much of the metro area. we have already surpassed that downtown, where we currently have 73. across the bay, a 71 in chester town. a few clouds may start to creep in as we get to the afternoon and evening hours. not likely to arrive until the next couple of days, but already it the ohio river valley you can see batch of rain near eastern kentucky. this is the next door and that will make its way east. it will bring rain chances back into play. we have had high pressure for
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the last two days. that has brought nice, sunny weather. it has brought all of the cool nights. we had a lot of heat in the overnight hours but pleasant afternoon. there are clouds coming in with this storm system and we are talking about rain chances as well. this is a tricky pattern. it is going to be interesting as, when the next front comes in, it is planning to stall out over our area and we could have days and days of rain chances. bear with me as we try to break it down. here is the forecast for now. clouds increase throughout the afternoon and evening hours. then we start to see the possibility of some rain late tonight into tomorrow morning. it is of the scattered variety. most of it will actually be in pennsylvania. then we take a wider view and
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fast forward into wednesday and beyond. that front does near the area and hang nearby. some models taken north of us, some take it south. depending on where it goes, a very different pattern. if it stays south, we may not get as much rain. if it goes north, we could have days and days of rain chances. looking into tonight's forecast we have increasing clouds and a chance for a shower very late tonight, but that will not affect the entire area. it is a little bit milder as we drop down into the 50's and 60's. for tomorrow, a lot of clouds increasing across the area. rain chances are isolated on thursday. the front could still be nearby on friday so we have rain chances than as well. each day, not more than a 30%-
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40% chance of rain. >> several prime-time nbc premieres this week, including the very talked about "animal practice." joining us are the stars. it is great to have you. tell us about the show. it sounds hysterical and it has to be a literal and figurative zoo behind the scenes. >> that is it, yes. a half-hour comedy that takes place at a veterinary hospital which, for some reason, we have never seen before, but it is a good thing because we are doing it right. >> joanna, you play the new director of the practice, which is family run. what kind of dynamic as the family add to all of this? >> i grandmother had been running the hospital for nearly years and then passed away. i come into this crazy world having been a part of it and knowing the dynamics and what it
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is all about. it is also the time of my life that i want to do something to follow through and make something happen. there is a tricky past. we dated years ago and it did not and so well so he is not so excited about me coming back and being his boss. but the per se -- but she is not a person who is wagging her finger and telling everyone what to do. she's trying to fit in and do what is best for the hospital, while being one of the bigger dorks on the show. >> uc prefer animals over the owners. >> is that so strange? >> tell us more about that. vet.e is a brilliant tha he considers it his prerogative to not have to deal with the people as much, unless they are super-attractive women, and then
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he finds a moment for them, occasionally. >> he needs to clean up his act. >> what is it like with all of these animals behind the scene? >> fund. >> yes, it has been really great. i have learned a lot about animals. i am like the nerd in school going up to the trainers and asking all the questions. they are probably like, here she comes again. it is a very warm environment. the animals are incredible and the trainers are really special. you would think it would be more tense, but it is a very sweet place to go to work. >> justin, what drew you to this role? >> i had just finished eight seasons of weeds on showtime. it came around. i was not planning on anything, but it was something that was very different from that. it just seemed like i must have
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been future projecting, because i did not know how great it was going to turn out, which it has. >> it is a pleasure talking with you both, and good luck with the show. >> thank you. >> "animal practice" premieres at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. coming up, your maryland lottery numbers and in other check of the forecast. but first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> welcome back. don from the valley view farms is here to answer your plant and gardening questions. >> we are getting into bulbous season. there is not a lot blooming. >> this is a good way to decorate. >> these are very edible. >> chop it up and cook it. how about some questions? what is the best way to renovate a garden that has become overgrown with weeds? >> the first thing you have to do is get rid of the weeds.
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cut them down. if you can get a tiller that can work them into the soil, that is the best way because you are putting nutrients back into the soil. over time, if you can keep the weeds out, you will have less work. >> and you have some good products for that, i am sure. the next person wants to know, i want to plant a fall garden. what will last the longest? >> pansies. you can plant them now. overwinter they will come through. in the springtime, you will have flowers any day that the temperature gets above 45 degrees. >> i have had mine since the beginning of summer and they still look good. it is amazing, and i have done nothing. next question, i am rearing monarch butterfly it in my kitchen. anything to aid with their
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growth? >> there are a couple of perennials the butterflies like, and i cannot think of them right now. but if you call our store, someone can help you out with that. we have reared them ourselves at the store, and it is a really cool, interesting thing to do. >> thank you so much. your maryland lottery numbers are next. stay with us. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> good afternoon. you're picked three numbers are 5, 2 and 8. that makes your picked three numbers 5, 2, 8. in a moment, the big four game, but first, play the ravens scratch off game and you could win cash and other great ravens prizes all season long.
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britney north is ready to rock and roll and you're picked four numbers are, two, two, seven and six as printed on the ball. recapping the big four game, 2, 2, 7, 6. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. by this's pitiful, 74 afternoon. we do have -- today is beautiful, 74 by this afternoon. we do have rain chances throughout the week. it is not going to rain every second though. keep that in mind. >> ravens and brown's play on thursday night so we will have to watch that. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> have a great day.
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